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Last Updated: September 19, 2014

Meet the New Boss

The Wizard and Joshua Chan shake hands on the deal.

While this site has always had outstanding traffic, to say monetizing it wasn't my strong suit would be an understatement. For years, I had a simple and exclusive advertising relationship with one sponsor, which worked well initially. However, for the last two years, that campaign produced less and less fruit. Perhaps I stuck with it too long, but when that deal ended on August 1, 2014, I found myself low on cash and in a world where hardly anybody was clicking on cold banners, much less signing up and making a deposit.

Throughout the month of August and early September, I entertained several proposals to partner with other affiliate sites to help with the advertising. However, in the end, I concluded a clean sale would be best, with me working for a new owner on salary. This deal applies to all my Wizard sites: this one, , and .

That said, I'd like you to meet the new owner, Joshua Chan. You may know Josh as the owner of and . He assures me he won't change the mission of the sites — to provide truthful, mathematically based strategies for the whole gamut of casino games. I have a long leash so I can keep providing content the way I've always done. I'm sure you'll see more content promoting Internet casinos, which is a cost of doing business.

You can sleep well knowing this site will be financially healthy and live on with minimal change. Personally, I will sleep much better. I can also put away my tin cup, which I had to bring out in my last blog entry.

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